Welcome to the home of cultureWAVES a place of content creation, curation and collaboration.  CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS is a service provided by CultureWAVES.


Strategic Communications:
**Integrated communications programs/public affairs strategy
*Go-To-Market plans
*Influencer Relations programs
*Internal Board and Influencer plans
*Campaign video production
*Brand defintion programs
*Brand re-vamps

Content Concierge:
*Tedx Talks
*"One Page" equity raise pitches
*Board letters/presentations


Cultural Communications

- Full, strategic communications and public affairs for cultural institutions, leading social technology ventures, community leaders and artists. Programs include content development, strategic programmatic planning and white papers, personalized content roadmaps and copy for internal and external use. 

- Discrete ghostwriting or collaborative planning/execution of content and publishing (e.g. Medium, LinkedIn, Blogs and press). There's almost no time to write all you need to do, we help you identify your voice, your publishing schedule, create frameworks for articles, write them (or with you) and ensure your work is published, read, and your readership grows.


High creative and educational consulting/courses for those looking to enhance their creativity, dig deeper into cultural curation (the practice of bringing together diverse ideas/culture work into digital and live realms). This practice is for cultural instutions, EdTech and educational programs that are engaged in creative and or social programming.


Writing about your leadership, vision, programs and passions should be a joy. Though for most it's a nightmare because it's nearly impossible to stay current without a full-time writing team. 

The reality is that by 2020, 75% of the workforce / growing leadership will be under the age of thirty-four.  They are extremely prolific, and ignore the press as the only outlet for their voice. They use social media outlets (like Medium, LinkedIn, their blogs) to lead the discussion, influence and curate their own voices. 

Most critically, we NEED voices of reason, truth, passion, insight in the world - today. If we amplify our best thoughts and ideas and plans this supports a more just, more reasonable world. Yet, it takes a village to meet these goals.

You no longer need to be alone with your words. Our job is to make the flow of your ideas, vision and leadership a part of the conversation. And, let's face it, unless you have a personal assistant who can write, you may currently be very alone in this endeavor. 


- Discrete ghostwriting or collaborative planning for your content creation and publishing. (We have advisors in economics, branding, politics, environmental issues, education, social research, entertainment, blockchain, millennial issues, neuroscience, social justice and the arts -- you have a passion, we can support it).

- A process to identify your true voice, develop your publishing schedule, create frameworks for articles, write them (or with you) and ensure your work is published, read and shared.

- A tactical plan to get your work in the outlets that matter most in social media. We are not a PR service, we are your companion in content and the concierge for your voice and increased visibility.


- 1 free Skype meeting to identify your vision, voice and goals.

- 2 Skype meetings where you are interviewed with the outcome being a plan for your themes for a set period of time. (Top 10 lists, political posts, leadership pieces, responses to global events, etc).

- A plan is created that includes theme/content framework outlines, social outlets and production schedule.

Then, we do the writing.

We provide weekly updates on metrics, comments and suggest ideas for content. It's a collaboration, yet you chart the path of your voice and brand in the social cosmos.

We look forward to working with you!


Fees are defined by non-profit, individuals and ventures. Hourly, project and contract agreements are all welcome.

Please contact Sarah Kornfeld @ 415 542 8873 or whatsarahsees@gmail.com

Image/Painting by A.M. Hoch